The clever way to attend events.
MeetPrep is a personal Attendee Assistant that helps you attend events strategically

Think ahead. Prepare for your next event.



Create Profile

We start by building your profile.
This is the first step in letting potential partners you want to meet know about who you are and what business opportunities you offer.

Invite People

Timing is everything.
Make sure you get in touch with the right contacts at the right time. We´ll use a quick and smart tool to send out professional messages to your prospective partners.

Prepare Intel

Learn ahead about the people you are meeting.
Prepare your strategy and business ideas upfront, turn data into actionable information. We´ll gather the insights you need.


  • Fast creation of your personalized online page
  • One integrated marketing service for promotion, email marketing and meetings management
  • Creation of professional invitation messages
  • Time slots blocked during your conference to shape your desired meetings schedule
  • Easily accessible agenda on your device in pdf
  • Organized intel for each meeting scheduled


Vision and Mission


We aim to become the no.1 self-service Attendee Assistant: the first tool that comes to mind when anyone is attending an event.


Be the highly efficient, forward thinking and reliable right hand for event attendees, transforming opportunities into fruitful initiatives.

Who we are

We are a team of passionate and innovative people who collectively have extensive experience in international markets, with a focus on marketing, business intelligence, strategic planning and project management.

Founding MeetPrep came as a natural extension of our experience and struggles with preparation and follow-up for large networking events.

What drives us

We appreciate efficiency and getting results, so we focus on delivering them ourselves.

As the Roman philosopher, Seneca, said: "Luck is where opportunity meets preparation". We embraced this belief and decided to transform event opportunities into strokes of luck through strategic and thorough preparation.