• How to be a networking pro

    Networking: a fashionable word. Networking today is what going to the opera was some three centuries ago. The goal is to see and be seen, to find out the latest news and connect with the right people.

    But attending a business networking event or conference is more complex and multifaceted than going to the opera. Not to worry - we can guide you through the essential steps to becoming a networking pro.

  • Two essential steps to network successfully at business events

    Attending a conference (or any other professional event) is about upgrading your knowledge in your field and networking. Most of the time, it represents your own investment, so you should be more than motivated to make the most of your participation.

    Meeting the right people, potential clients or partners is essential. This is why the following two tasks are essential:

  • How to calculate ROI after attending a conference

    Have you ever considered a Return On Investment when attending a conference? Or even before subscribing to one? No? Then you should start right away. Why? Because when you go to a conference (or any other major event), you invest important resources: your time and your money. So wouldn’t you like to benefit from a return on that investment?